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Social Skill Autopsies

June 17, 2012

“When red-haired people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn.”       Mark Twain  I was fascinated by the discussion about “social skill autopsies” by Richard Levoy.  The term is a bit macabre, yet embodies the concept – a thorough examination (after the fact) to determine the cause and manner of (the social death) […]

What Do They Know? (What Difference Does It Make?)

June 17, 2012

“Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.”    Albert Einstein For the “What do they know?” assignment, I interviewed two individuals to determine what they know about learning disabilities.  At the onset of the interview, neither individual thought they knew much about adults with learning disabilities; interestingly both rated […]

Paying Attention to the Intention

June 16, 2012

“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.”     Alfred North Whitehead I learned about Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act for the first time at a conference I attended today.  I have to admit, I was shocked.  I have been in the Adult Learning Teaching and […]

Critical Incidents: Altering the Status Quo

June 16, 2012

“Essentially and most simply put, plot is what the characters do to deal with the situation they are in. It is a logical sequence of events that grow from an initial incident that alters the status quo of the characters. “     Elizabeth George I love the term critical incident.  As it is described in our […]

Two Stage Strategy – Brigid’s Story

June 16, 2012

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”    William Shakespeare I had the opportunity to interview two people for the case studies.  I chose one individual for the case study paper and presentation because she had more life experience, but the younger woman (age 23) that I also interviewed gave […]

Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves

June 1, 2012

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”     Thomas Jefferson In 1979, I was an undergraduate learning about a fairly new law Public Law 94-142 that was enacted in 1975.  The kids I grew up with did not have this law to support them and their families in procuring services for disabilities.  I […]