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“If you take money out of your left pocket and put it in your right pocket, you’re no richer.” Merton Miller

Merton Miller was an economist and the winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in economics.  His work showed a firm’s value is determined by its investment decisions, not by its financing decisions. Is developing a personal learning network worth the investment?  The educational profit seems undeniable.

It is fitting that ADLT 641 concludes with the topic ‘Making Learning Visible,’ as we share our semester’s learning and projects in both a summative and evaluative way.  In this way, our class literally becomes part of each individual’s personal learning environment.  My PLN project presentation:

Making learning visible allows participants a richer experience.  Using Web 2.0 tools in joint intellectual efforts pays dividends.  Learners are able to check their own knowledge as it relates to others, to build new models, to profit from expanded perspectives. I found making the word cloud of by blog quite interesting as a quick review of key concepts from the semester; however, posting a word cloud for group analysis and discussion increases the interest, and grows the value for all involved.

One service my company offers is attendance boundary facilitation, a process that in the past bred contention and mistrust.  This service is a community-based process facilitated through the use of merged technology data bases:  student locations and Geographic Information Systems.  There is no doubt that the ‘visualization’ of data and the ability to test scenarios allows a participant to collaborate in decisions and reach consensus based on logic and reason rather than personal agenda. This is one example of a growing trend known as a ‘mashup’.

As the semester was closing, I began participating in a Google Group initiated by George Siemens to

share news and information on innovations in educational and learning technology.   The idea is to amass a group of core contributors that will change their approach to content and content moderation based on feedback from users on the site.  One goal is to develop a database of organizations and companies in the learning technology field.  This ‘mashup’ is progressing each day, and there has already been participation from many areas of the world.

So for next semester I’ll be checking out ‘mashing’ where learning is not only visible; it should prove to be an enriching experience.


One Response to “Richer Experiences”

  1. Your word cloud of your blog was most interesting, truly thinking made visible. Some of the usual suspects were there: networking, people, even mediascape. I was intrigued that new, years, and time were also prominent and wondered the context in which they fit. And I just lost it when I saw pig present — but I could not find monkey!

    Thanks for your presentation last week and have a blast in Vegas. I enjoyed learning with you and from you this semester.

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