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Hold on Tight

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.” – Albert Einstein

The following is a transcript of this “Box or Pig” podcast:

This silly little song about the baby monkey got me thinking about what it really means to ride backward on a pig – metaphorically speaking of course – as opposed to thinking outside of the box, which basically is a challenge of current assumptions – in your own head. It’s a trite concept and, frankly I’m a bit tired of the cliché. It’s far too linear for me. I believe it is not enough just to think differently, you also need to behave differently in times of change and chaos.

Riding backwards on a pig is quite different.  For one thing, you have to let go of control.  The pig is deciding the journey.  You get to watch where you’ve been, but you don’t know exactly where you’re heading.  Talk about challenging current assumptions!  Yet, it could be great fun and more invigorating than you ever thought possible. This is how I feel about teaching and learning through technology.  I’ve been riding backwards on a pig.  Blogging, Tweeting, RSS feeds, Screencasting, Podcasting, Wikis, Rubrics for using digital media, YouTube.  The world really HAS gone insane.  The potential is HUGE! A year ago I never would have imagined how empowering this mediascape is for learners – and for teachers.  Every day I learn something new when viewing these digital tools from the lens of education. I don’t only think differently, I behave differently.

As for this podcast, I read an article that said “simply posting recorded audio files on websites is not technically considered podcasting – the term indicates the use of RSS for automatic download of new files.” Like a blog, if I commit to podcasting, the onus is on me to either keep on posting, or take it down.  Perhaps Baby Monkey has inspired something new?

Get on that pig and hold on tight!

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6 Responses to “Hold on Tight”

  1. 1 – Best podcast. EVER.
    2 – Best image on your blog. EVER. I might have to steal it and use it as my desktop background at work. Get on that pig, and HOLD ON TIGHT!!! It’s like a call to arms. LOVE IT.
    3 – I like how you included a transcript of your podcast. I had not considered this and realize now that it could be a way to meet the needs of various learning styles!

    • Funny – I had not thought of the transcript as multi-modal, but glad you pointed it out. Could have been that old subconscious at work!

      And that pig is my new mantra for change, for sure! Much more fun than a box.

  2. Joanne,
    Awesome post! I completely agree with your thoughts. We are often defensive to change and learning can be defeated by the assumption that something is too difficult or not important for personal needs. It’s about attitude and being receptive to new ideas. A great post on attitudes and learning, I have enjoyed this journey and as a result, I “behave” differently with my students.

    • Michelle – sorry it took me so long to look at the link. I really like the comments regarding learning style and self-fulfilling prophecy. So true! I think especially as it comes to technology – as I often find when I talk to people about this class, their minds often go to the ‘online learning’ picture in their minds – which is that old visual of one on one in front of a computer reacting to a boring screen. How are your students responding to this? Do you find merit at all in the theory of ‘learning styles’ when it comes to teaching adults?

  3. I just laugh every time I hear the “baby monkey…” It is a metaphor for some aspects of life I guess…

  4. […] to terms well with the technology of podcasting and Audacity.  Joanne’s blog on podcasting, Hold on Tight, describes using digital media for education as a wild ride on the back of a pig (greased or […]

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