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Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing – Ah choo!

“Micro-blogging isn’t a short-term trend – it is here to stay. The evolution of blogging has spawned this new mini version of blogging and many are latching on. The simplicity and ability to post frequently are what attract most to the concept. We expect much faster adoption and mainstream penetration than blogging in general.”  Read write web, 2007

Ah, Twitter.  I’m not really sure yet.  Has it lived up to the expectation of mainstream penetration?  Interestingly, the website referenced above also listed several other micro-blogging tools.  I checked them out just to see status since 2007.  Some have survived, others have not, and others have morphed.  How does an off-brand survive in the industry?   If you Tweet, then you aren’t Powncing or Tumblring, right?

I think Twitter has taken a big lesson from Kleenex.  The name has become the thing.  Great marketing on their part!

So, would someone choose to use several micro-blogging sites and use Yahoo Pipes and Net Vibes to aggregate it all?  Why not just use Delicious instead of Tweeting individual links about topics?  Looking for a little ease of use and time savings here.   I find it interesting (and telling) that education is not an ‘interest’ topic on Twitter.  I did do a couple of searches on the topic and am now following a couple to see what happens, one of them is George Siemens.  I also am following Feedback by Tweet, which collects ideas and future requests and Top Tweets, which aggregates ‘interesting’ tweets.  I am passively taking in information – is this really better use of time than sitting through an hour-long classroom lecture?

Comparing this experience to blogging is absurd.  They are not even in the same ballpark for me.  Tweeting seems frivolous and silly for the most part, generally non-productive.  In contrast, as mentioned in an earlier blog post, blogging taps far more of my neurons.  It requires me to think and to reflect.  For me, it often requires further investigation on a topic; it holds more value as a learning experience.

I Tweet when I want to make a statement out loud.  I grab a Kleenex when I have to sneeze.  Does anyone care what I’m singing?  Do they care if I use another type of tissue?


3 Responses to “Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing – Ah choo!”

  1. I think that one of the problems with Twitter is that its API is available to anybody, which make it possible for developers to grab the code and create a TweeDeck, for example. The recent changes that Twitter has implemented are an aspirin only. The problem is the one cited, they don’t want to become like Kleenex®. The other white elephant in the room is that the company still has to make a profit. There is a large number of supporters with capital and technology, but they still don’t know how to make it profitable.

  2. Twitter seems like many tools: we can use it for evil or for good, and most do the former (evil = insipidity). There are several YouTube videos I saw making fun of Twitter, and they make the point in hilarious ways. However, I see how it can bring a sense of community, which after all is built upon the mundane as well as the sublime. I have gotten a bit of community from our class Twittering (much to my surprise) although I expected more frequency. I have seen music artists on Twitter tweet about upcoming releases. There’s a use — advertising! The reading material demonstrated good educational uses of Twitter, so the potential is there. Overall though, I would not have started tweeting without this class, but I have seen some benefit. Will I be a regular tweeter? Not likely.

  3. Joanne,
    I agree that micro-blogging doesn’t show deep thoughts that much. I think that Twitter is totally a different tool with a blog. Because it allows of 140 letters, people express their quick and raw ideas even when they are not sure about what their ideas mean. So it can be a great tool to share ideas and to be brainstorming before people build their knowledge with information and new ideas. Also, I think that micro-blogging may not productive but it depends on who you follow or who follow you. This is like the quality of community says the qualities of information which the community has in on-line community.
    I have never used other micro-blogging tools except Twitter. I think that many people are just like me. It might result from the company’s marketing as you said. However, those micro-blogging tools are for communication with others so we can not talk to others in an empty bar. Therefore, when many people use Twitter, others definitely will choose Twitter for communication. Here is my question. What makes now Twitter? It is because of the company’s marketing or it has more advantages rather than other micro-blogging tools?
    Your comparing Twitter with a blog reminds me of Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings. I think that The Load of The Ring has more and better qualities in literature’s perspective than Harry Potter. There are more deep thoughts and complicated but tight plot in The Load of The Rings. However, it is true for much more people to choose Harry Potter to read even though people still like The Load of The Rings. For me, Harry Potter has a lot of brilliant ideas but it is so simple. I thought about why people were that crazy about Harry Potter. Did I get the answer? Maybe yes or no. This is one of my raw thoughts 🙂

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